Kara Scott Eliminated

Sep 16, 2014

Team partypoker’s Kara Scott moves all in from the button for about 18,000, and Paul Volpe calls all in from the big blind for about 14,000 with J-J. Scott turns over K-7, and Volpe needs his pocket pair to hold to stay alive.

The board blanks for Scott, and Volpe wins the pot with his pocket jacks to double up in chips.

Paul Volpe  –  30,000  (30 bb)
Kara Scott  –  3,800  (3 bb)

The next hand, a player raises UTG+1, Scott moves all in from the cutoff for 3,700, and her opponent calls with [AsKs]. Scott turns over [Ad2d], and she needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes [Jd8c4s5dQs], and the UTG+1 players wins with his king kicker to eliminate Kara Scott from the tournament.

Kara Scott  –  Eliminated

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