Kees van Brugge Eliminated ($100,281)

May 16, 2015

Kees van BruggeHand #119: Kees van Brugge calls in the small blind, and Farid Yachou checks in the big blind. The flop is Kdiamond 5heart 5spade, Van Brugge bets 100,000, and Yachou folds.

Hand #120: Kees van Brugge moves all-in from the button for 1,500,000, and when the action folds to Steve Warburton in the big blind, he makes the call.


Warburton: Adiamond Qheart
Van Brugge: Aclub 8diamond

Warburton has Van Brugge dominated, and heads to the rail to watch the flop with his friends.

Flop: Qclub Qdiamond 6heart

What a flop for Warburton. He makes trips, and cements his dominance over Van Brugge once the Aspade and 9club hit the board. Warburton will now face off against Farid Yachou, for the title, with a 5.4m to 4.7 chip lead.

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