Keith Crowder Out in 15th Place ($31,344)

Jan 30, 2014

Chris Reslock limps under the gun for 40,000, Keith Crowder raises from the hijack to 190,000, and Jared Jaffee reraises from the small blind to 420,000. Reslock folds, and Crowder moves all in for about 1,900,000.

Jaffee calls with [AdQc], and Crowder turns over [AhKh]. Crowder will need his hand to hold to stay alive.

The board comes [Qh5s3d3c3h], and Jaffee wins the pot with a full house, threes full of queens, to eliminate Crowder from the tournament.

Jared Jaffee  –  7,500,000  (187 bb)
Keith Crowder  –  Out in 15th Place  ($31,344)

This was the last hand before the break, and in a discussion after the hand, Jaffee revealed that he never saw Reslock limp into the pot, which made Crowder’s raise to 190,000 seem suspect in his mind. So that was a factor in Jaffee’s decision process.

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