Keith Kozar Eliminated by Martin Kozlov

Jul 22, 2018

Keith Kozar
Photo:  Keith Kozar won his $5,000 seat into this event by winning one of the two seats awarded in last night’s $100 megasatellite. (There will be another $100 megasatellite tonight at 9:00 pm.) Unfortunately for Kozar, he picked up pocket aces three times today, and lost all three hands.

Martin Kozlov raises from the button to 500, Keith Kozar reraises from the small blind to 1,300, and Kozlov calls. The flop comes Heart QHeart JDiamond 10, Kozar bets 1,500, and Kozlov calls.

The turn card is the Diamond 7, Kozar checks, Kozlov moves all in, and Kozar calls all in for about 11,000 with Spade AClub A for an overpair with a gutshot straight draw. Kozlov turns over Diamond QClub J for two pair, queens and jacks, and Kozlov needs to improve to stay alive.

The river card is the Diamond 5, and Kozlov wins the pot with his two pair to eliminate Kozar.

Martin Kozlov  –  58,000  (290 bb)
Keith Kozar  –  Eliminated

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