Kelly Minkin Gets a Fold

Feb 27, 2016

Kelly Minkin

On a flop of Heart AHeart JHeart 9, a player in middle position checks and Will Failla checks from the cutoff. Kelly Minkin (pictured) bets 1,100 and middle position check-raises to 3,600. Failla quickly folds and Minkin takes a moment before calling.

The turn is the Heart 4 and both players check to see the Spade 3 come on the river. Middle position checks and Minkin bets 6,600. He goes into the tank for a few minutes before Minkin calls the clock.

After the supervisor makes his way over the table, he doesn’t take much more time before sending his hand into the muck and conceding the pot to Minkin.

“I didn’t take that much time. Did I?” asked the player in middle position.

“I just thought you should have made your decision by then,” replied Minkin.

Kelly Minkin  –  62,000

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