Kenny Huynh Takes the Lead From Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) With a Flush

Sep 21, 2020

Kenny Huynh Takes the Lead With a Flush

Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) raised to 1.2 million with Heart QHeart 6, and Kenny Huynh (chaposticks) called with Diamond KHeart J.

The flop came Diamond 10Diamond 9Diamond 3, Huynh checked, Sinishtaj bet 754,000, and Huynh called.

The turn card was the Spade Q, giving Sinishtaj top pair to Huynh’s king-high straight with a flush draw. Huynh checked, Sinishtaj bet 3.0 million, and Huynh called.

The river card was the Diamond 7, and both players checked. Sinishtaj’s pair of queens was no match for Huynh’s king-high flush, and Huynh won the pot — and took the chip lead.

Kenny Huynh  –  56.4 million  (97 bb)
Tony Sinishtaj  –  51.6 million  (89 bb)

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