Kenny Huynh Turns Trips and Narrows Tony Sinishtaj's Lead

Sep 21, 2020

Kenny Huynh Turns Trips

Kenny Huynh (chaposticks) limped for 580,000 with Heart 10Club 5, and Tony Sinishtaj (ToNiSiNzz) checked his option with Diamond 7Spade 3.

The flop came Heart KSpade 5Heart 4, Sinishtaj checked, Huynh min-bet 580,000, and Sinishtaj check-raised to 2.0 million. Huynh called.

The turn card paired the board with the Diamond 5, Sinishtaj bet 2.9 million, and Huynh called.

The river card was the Club 7, giving Sinishtaj two pair to Huynh’s trip fives. Sinishtaj checked, Huynh bet 9.6 million, and Sinishtaj folded. Huynh took the pot.

Kenny Huynh  –  49.8 million  (86 bb)
Tony Sinishtaj  –  58.2 million  (100 bb)

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