Kenny Lee (5th - $19,330) and Niv Decalo (4th - $25,150) Eliminated in Same Hand by Wilson Tolon

Apr 17, 2017

Kenny LeeNiv Decalo

Niv Decalo (pictured above right) moves all in preflop on the cutoff, Wilson Tolon calls on the button, and Kenny Lee (pictured above left) calls all in on the big blind. All three players then flip over their cards.

Tolon: Heart AClub K
Decalo: Spade ADiamond Q
Lee: Spade QClub 9

Board: Heart KHeart 9Spade 2Diamond 10Diamond 2

Tolon wins the hand to grow his stack to 6.4 million and he takes out both opponents. The stacks are counted out between the two eliminated players, and Lee takes fifth place ($19,330) and Decalo gets fourth place ($25,150).

Wilson Tolon – 6,400,000 (bb)
Niv Decalo – Eliminated in Fourth Place ($25,150)
Kenny Lee – Eliminated in Fifth Place ($19,330)

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