Kenny Nguyen Doubles Through Bryce Yockey

Jul 22, 2019

Kenny Nguyen

Kenny Nguyen (pictured) raises to 2,300 from early position and Bryce Yockey three-bets to 13,000. Nguyen responds with a four-bet to 26,000, and Yockey calls.

The flop lands Club 2Heart 8Spade 7 and Nguyen checks. Yockey bets 18,000 and Nguyen check-raises to 38,000. Yockey calls, and the turn falls the Diamond A.

Nguyen checks, Yockey bets roughly 80,000, and Nguyen calls all in for 41,000.

Nguyen: Spade AHeart A
Yockey: Spade 8Club 8

In an ugly set-over-set confrontation, the river of the Club 7 would see Nguyen secure the double through Yockey.

Kenny Nguyen – 220,000
Bryce Yockey – 70,000

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