Kenny Nguyen Times Down and Has His Hand Killed

Apr 13, 2019

Kenny Nguyen

With around 53,000 in the middle and the board reading Heart 4Spade 5Heart 7Heart 2Club Q, Kenny Nguyen (pictured) leads out from the big blind for 16,000.

Nguyen’s opponent in the hand in the hijack shoves all in for 32,100.

Nguyen now dives deep into the tank for several minutes.

“One friendly show?” asks Nguyen.

Eventually, Jessica Dawley calls time on Nguyen, and when the Tournament Director comes over, he issues Nguyen 30 seconds.

As the Tournament Director counts down Nguyen’s last few seconds, his hand is eventually killed, and Nguyen’s opponent is pushed the pot.

“I got a set myself too. Show me?” Nguyen asks one more time.

Kenny Nguyen – 73,600

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