Keven Stammen Tank-Folds to Tyler Kenney

Aug 28, 2014

Andy Frankenberger raises UTG+1 to 45,000, Tyler Kenney calls from the cutoff, and Keven Stammen calls from the big blind.

The flop comes [Jd8s7s], Stammen checks, and Frankenberger bets 80,000. Kenney and Frankenberger both call.

The turn card is the [5h], and it checks to Kenney, who bets 215,000. Stammen calls, and Frankenberger folds.

The river card is the [Qh], Stammen checks, and Kenney bets 390,000. Stammen tanks for nearly five minutes, and Massoud Eskandari calls for a clock. As the countdown reaches the final second, Stammen folds, giving Kenney the pot.

Tyler Kenney  –  3,530,000  (176 bb)
Keven Stammen  –  745,000  (37 bb)

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