Kevin Albers Wins a Big One Against Darren Elias

Dec 20, 2019

Kevin Albers raises to 70,000 from under the gun, Darren Elias three-bets to 225,000 from the hijack and Albers calls.

They check to the turn of a Heart 10Club QDiamond 7Club 8 board where Albers bets 200,000. Elias calls.

The river is the Club 6, Albers checks, Elias bets 700,000 and Albers uses a time extension before he calls.

Elias shows Club AHeart J, but Albers turns over Diamond 6Spade 6 for a set of sixes to win the pot.

Kevin Albers – 3,700,000
Darren Elias – 715,000

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