Kevin Chim doubles up on a freeroll.......

Apr 7, 2006

Player 1 (mid position) limps in for 3k, Player 2 (late position) raises to 9k, the small blind calls, Kevin Chim calls, and Player 1 calls.

The flop comes [Qh10h9d].
The small blind check, Chim goes all-in (63k), Player 1 calls, and everyone else folds.

Chim shows [QcJh].
Player shows [QsJc].

Both players had flopped top pair with an open ended straight. This will be a chopped pot unless two hearts hit the board.

The turn [2h] and river [Kh] gives Chim the double up and knocks out the player. Chim after the flop was “freerolling” for runner-runner hearts to win the pot (roughly 1 in 22 chance).

Chim now has 180k.

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