Khaly Dang Takes From Delgrasso

May 3, 2016

Khaly Dang opens for 25,000 from the cutoff and Ronald Laplante calls from the small blind. Marcello Delgrasso does the same from the big blind and three players see a flop of Diamond 3Heart QHeart 5. Two checks see Dang bet 31,000, Laplante folds, and Delgrasso calls to see the Club J turn.

Delgrasso check-calls a bet of 42,000 and then both players check the Club Q river. Delgrasso is obligated to show first, and he tables the Heart 10Heart 9 for a missed flush. Dang then rolls over the winner with the Heart JDiamond 10.

Khaly Dang – 800,000 (66.5 bbs)
Marcello Delgrasso – 540,000 (45 bbs)

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