Kicked Down, But Not Out

Nov 10, 2014

So far, compared to yesterday’s Day 1A, today has been fairly quiet in terms of players who have left the tournament. We’re in Level 6 now, with just 6 players having busted out of the 101 entries. We have late registration/re-entry open until 8.40pm approximately, so there’s plenty of time, but today’s field have definitely been more timid.   

Tamer Kamel just slowed down with trips, and probably feels OK about it now, having lost the minmu to table captain Arron Woodcock. Woodcock bet turn and river on a board of [AdKh8hAc6c] and Tamer held [Ah5c] but Woodcock’s [AsJd] was good enough to out-kick his more illustrious opponent, and send him down to 40,000. that’s still well above the avreage stack of 34,193.  

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