Kimmo Kurko Eliminated in 6th Place ($90,845)

Oct 30, 2013

Peter Apostolou opens the action to 40,000 from first position and takes the blinds and antes.

Next we see Kimmo Kurko open the hijack to 40,000 and Vasili Firsau has a decision on the button. He stares over at the Kurko stack and decides to raise all-in.

The blinds quickly fold and Kurko calls.


Firsau: [Js] [Jd]
Kurko: [As] [Qc]

Board: [7s] [6d] [5d] [Tc] [Ks]

Despite doubling up twice, Kurko becomes our sixth place finisher after failing to find the cards he needed for that vital third double up.

Firsau ~ 3,000,000

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