Koon Gets One From Jaffe, Zinno Joins

May 5, 2018

Jonathan Jaffe

Jonathan Jaffe (pictured) is down a time extension chip and some tournament chips as well after losing a small one to Jason Koon.

Koon opened the hijack to 2,500 and was met with a three-bet from Jaffe to 8,500 in the cutoff. The action folded back to Koon and he committed calling chips to the Diamond KSpade 9Club 2 flop.

Koon checked it over to Jaffe, who continued for 6,000. A check-raise from Koon boosted the action to 16,500. Jaffe burned through 30 seconds of time on the Action Clock and folded to concede the pot along with a time chip.

The 20th member of the WPT Bellagio High Roller field is three-time WPT Champions Club member Anthony Zinno.

Jason Koon – 117,000
Jonathan Jaffe – 75,000
Anthony Zinno – 100,000

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