Kristen Bicknell Doubles Again

Nov 30, 2021

Action folds to Kristen Bicknell in middle position, and she open shoves for 900,000. Action folds to Nicholas Davidson in the small blind, and he moves all-in over the top. Ari Dinov is in the big blind, and he folds.

Bicknell: Diamond QClub Q
Davidson: Club JSpade J

The board runs out Club KClub 4Spade 4Spade 10Heart Q, and Bicknell’s queens make a full house on the river to secure her second double of the day and leave Davidson as one of the short stacks in the room.

Kristen Bicknell Alex Foxen rails Kristen Bicknell Kristen Bicknell

Bicknell: 1,950,000 (26 bbs)
Davidson: 875,000 (12 bbs)

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