Kristen Bicknell Doubles Thru Gediminas Uselis

Nov 30, 2021

Kristen Bicknell

Action folds to Kristen Bicknell on the button, and she open shoves for her last 475,000. Gediminas Uselis is in the small blind and calls.

Bicknell: Diamond ASpade Q
Uselis: Spade KSpade 8

The dealer spreads the Diamond KHeart 8Club Q and Uselis flops two pair to send Bicknell with one foot out the door.

The turn Heart A however smashes the door back open as Bicknell makes a higher two pair and when the river Club 5 completes the board Bicknell secures the double.

Bicknell: 1,100,000 (15 bbs)
Uselis: 3,475,000 (46 bbs)

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