Kristen Bicknell Eliminated by Chris Limo

Dec 15, 2021

Chris Boyadjian
Photo:  Chris Limo

Chris Limo raises under the gun to 600, Blake Bohn reraises from the hijack to 1,500, and Kristen Bicknell cold four-bets it from the button to 4,200. Limo thinks for a while before he calls, and Bohn thinks for a while before he calls.

Limo checks in the dark before the flop comes Spade 3Diamond 3Club 3. Bohn also checks, and Bicknell bets 4,000. Limo raises to 8,500, Bohn folds, and Bicknell thinks for a while before she calls.

The turn card is the Spade 10, Limo bets 7,100, and Bicknell calls.

The river card is the Club 8, Limo moves all in for about 29,000, and Bicknell quickly calls all in for about 21,000 with Diamond KClub K for a full house, threes full of kings.

But Limo turns over Spade 4Heart 3 for quad threes to win the pot and eliminate Bicknell.

Chris Limo  –  95,000  (475 bb)
Kristen Bicknell  –  Eliminated

After Bicknell leaves the table, Limo says, “That was a good feeling.”

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