Kristen Bicknell Eliminates a Player

Nov 27, 2021

Kristen Bicknell

The player under the gun limps, the player under the gun plus one raises to 4,500, and Kristen Bicknell calls next to act.

The action folds to the small blind, and he calls. The player under the gun calls all-in for 4,500 total.

The flop falls Diamond 10Spade 9Spade 8 and action checks to Bicknell, who bets 7,000. Both players fold, and the cards are tabled.

Bicknell: Diamond JClub J
Under the Gun: Club 5Diamond 3

The board runs out Spade 6 on the turn, and when the Diamond Q completes the board on the river, the under the gun player is eliminated.

“You had Jacks there,” a tablemate asks Bicknell. “Of course she did. She always has it.” Another player replies. “I do,” Bicknell replies with a smile as she collects the pot.

Bicknell: 120,000 (80 bbs)

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