Kristen Bicknell Gets Some Back From Joseph Cheong

Nov 29, 2021

Kristen Bicknell

38 players remain

We pick up the action on a flop of Spade JHeart 10Club 10 and Jakob Miegel checks. Joseph Cheong bets 100,000, and Kristen Bicknell calls from the button. Miegel folds.

The dealer burns and turns the Spade 4, and Cheong bets 300,000. Bicknell calls.

The river Spade 8 hits the felt and Cheong checks. Bicknell uses a time extension and cuts out a bet of 675,000. Cheong goes into the tank and uses a time extension of his own before tossing his cards into the muck.

Cheong: 4,500,000 (113 bbs)
Bicknell: 2,175,000 (54 bbs)
Miegel: 3,000,000 (75 bbs)

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