Kristen Foxen Knocks One Out on the Last Hand Before Dinner Break

May 15, 2022

Kristen Foxen-2

The player in the cutoff raises to 25,000, Kristen Foxen (pictured) uses a Time Chip before she three-bets to 80,000 from the big blind, her opponent four-bets all in for 190,000, and Foxen uses another Time Chip before she calls with a slightly covering stack.

Foxen shows Club JDiamond J, racing with her opponent’s Heart ASpade K.

The board comes Diamond 9Diamond 3Club 2Heart JClub 5, giving Foxen a set of jacks to eliminate her opponent.

Kristen Foxen – 405,000 (51 bb)

Play is now on dinner break with 100 players remaining.

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