Kristina Holst Catches a Double-Paired Board to Knock Out a Player

Oct 19, 2022

Kristina Holst

A player limps from early position for 400, the player in the small blind completes, and Kristina Holst raises from the big blind to 2,400. Both of her opponents call.

The flop comes Diamond ASpade 10Diamond 9, the small blind checks, and Holst bets about 5,000. The early position player calls, and the small blind check-raises to 15,000. Holst moves all in, and the early position player folds.

The small blind calls all in for about 23,000 with Spade 9Heart 9 for a set of nines, and he needs them to hold to stay alive against Holst’s Heart AHeart K for a pair of aces.

The turn card pairs the board with the Diamond 10, giving the small blind a full house, but leaving additional outs for Holst.

The river card is — the Club A.

Holst rivers a higher full house, aces full of tens, to eliminate the player in the small blind.

Kristina Holst  –  79,000  (198 bb)

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