Kristina Holst Doubles Thru Ali Eslami

Aug 26, 2014

Ali Eslami limps in from middle position, Kristina Holst completes the small blind, and the player in the big blind checks his option.

The flop comes [KhQs8c] and Holst bets 9,000.  The player in the big blind folds, then Eslami raises to around 20,000.  Holst moves all-in for additional 118,500.  Eslami thinks for a couple of minutes then calls.

Holst turns over [KcKs], prompting tablemate Matt Slasberg to dryly tell Eslmai, "That’s top set."

Eslami does not have top set. Instead, he has [Kd10h] for top pair.  He gets no help from the [4c] on the turn nor the [As] on the river, and Holst takes the pot to double up.

"She got me good," Eslami tells the table with a smile.

Kristina Holst – 282,000
Ali Eslami – 360,000 

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