Kristina Holst Doubles Thru Gabi Livschitz

Dec 16, 2023

A pot swells to more than 300,000 on a completed board of Diamond KHeart 8Heart 6Spade QHeart J with heads-up action between Kristina Holst in the small blind and Gabi Livschitz in the big blind.

Holst checks, Livschitz bets 105,000, and Holst check-jams for 327,000. Livschitz goes into the tank for a while and finds a call.

Holst shows Heart KHeart 4, good for a king-high flush, and Livschitz flashes a diamond before mucking his hand. The dealer doesn’t retrieve it, makes the pot right, and ships it to Holst.

Kristina Holst – 965,000 (96 bb)
Gabi Livschitz – 335,000 (33 bb)

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