Kristina Holst Eliminated in 78th Place by Krisztian Ferenc Torok

Dec 18, 2023

Action folds around to Kristina Holst, who raises all in on the button. The dealer counts her stack to be 1.275 million, and Krisztian Ferenc Torok announces a call in the small blind.

Holst shows Diamond QDiamond 8 and is behind Ferenc Torok’s Spade AClub 9.

The runout comes Diamond 9Club 8Club 5Heart KClub A — Holst flops a pair of eights but remains behind Ferenc Torok’s pair of nines, which becomes aces up on the river to earn the pot and eliminate Holst from the tournament.

Krisztian Ferenc Torok – 6,450,000 (64 bb)
Kristina Holst – Eliminated in 78th Place ($53,500)

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