Kristina Holst vs. Ali Eslami

Aug 26, 2014

Kristina Holst raises to 6,500 from the cutoff and Ali Eslami calls blind from the big blind.

The flop falls [8s4s2c] and Eslami check-calls 6,500 blind from Holst. They both check the [3d] turn and the [10c] river completes the board. Eslami looks at his cards finally and bets 16,000. Holst quickly calls.

"I didn’t really look," says Eslami. "What do I have to beat?"

Holst tables [AdAh] for a pair of aces.

Eslami turns over the [2s], followed by the [Js] for a pair of deuces.

"Wow a pair and a flush draw on the flop. That could have gotten real interesting," says Eslami.

Kristina Holst – 144,000 (48 bb)
Ali Eslami – 495,000 (165 bb)

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