Kyle Cartwright vs. Frank Funaro

Apr 26, 2021

Kyle Cartwright

Kyle Cartwright (pictured) opens the action with a raise to 50,000 in middle position and receives calls from Frank Funaro on the button and Donald Maloney in the small blind.

The flop is Club 8Heart KSpade Q and Maloney checks to Cartwright, who makes a continuation-bet of 80,000. Funaro thinks for a few moments and calls, with Maloney folding thereafter.

The turn is the Spade 10 and Cartwright checks. Funaro bets 220,000 and Cartwright calls. The river is the Spade 6 and Cartwright checks again.

“I’m a nit,” says Funaro, connecting his fist to the table to check behind and take the hand to showdown. Cartwright shows Club KClub Q for kings up and Funaro mucks.

Kyle Cartwright – 2,235,000 (89 bb)
Frank Funaro – 2,060,000 (82 bb)
Donald Maloney – 825,000 (33 bb)

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