Lakhov and Daher Getting Involved in a 'Big Fight'

Sep 7, 2014

Here is a fun hand courtesy of our friends at PokerNews.

"I feel a big fight Albert!" said Alexander Lakhov on the button before a card was dealt. "Huh?" replied Daher, not seeing what was going on.

Lakhov repeated "I feel a big fight" pointing to the big blind who wasn’t at the table. With a big blind unprotected, Daher in the cutoff, and Lakhov on the button, it was very likely something was going to happen.
And so it did.

"I hope I have kings!" laughed Lakhov, seemingly ready for a battle.

"Why do you ask for kings? You probably go all in with fours!" laughed Daher as action folded to him in the cutoff. "You have to raise!" said Lakhov to Daher.

Daher checked his cards – "Why you look?" Lakhov asked, "Because I want to make it look like I have a hand" said Daher, raising to 4.000 in the process. "I have to call of course" said Lakhov, doing exactly that.

"I’m going to try to bluff you post flop ok?" Lakhov smiled.

The small blind folded, the big blinds chips were already in the middle.
Daher continued for 3,500 on ?[3h] [9s] [3s]??, and Lakhov made the call. The turn came the ?[Qs] and both players checked.

With the [5s]? on the table as the river, there was now four to a flush out there, and Daher bet 9,500. Lakhov raised to 26,000 within twenty seconds of thinking.

Daher made the call, but just stammered "Wow!" after Lakhov rolled over ??[5c] [5h] for the rivered full house.

"Real hand" laughed Lakhov, "I had a real hand too," replied Daher.

"You predicted this hand" he continued. The two of ’em laughed about the hand, with Lakhov kind of teasing Daher about the situation.

"At the end of the day I have your stack, I promise you" laughed Daher, and they were off to the next hand.

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