Lakhov Doubles Through Gromov

Sep 10, 2014

Dmitry Gromov opens to 250,000, Alexander Lakhov moves all-in for 3,535,000, and Gromov snap-calls.


Gromov: [Ad] [Ac]
Lakhov: [As] [Js]

Gromov looks like he is going to be a two-time WPT champion.

The dealer gives some hope to Lakhov when she pushes the [Jh] [9c] [7s] onto the board. The [Kd] removes any flush outs and Oonly a Jack on the river can save Lakhov now. The dealer burns, and turns, the [Jd]!

Another miraculous river card and it’s Gromov’s turn to feel the pain.

Lakhov ~ 7,070,000
Gromov ~ 5,050,000

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