Lakhov With a Big Shove on Buonanno

Sep 9, 2014

The action folds around to Alexander Lakhov, seated on the button, and he opens to 40,000. Antonio Buonanno is seated in the big blind and he three-bets to 116,000.

“I’m all-in.” Says Lakhov.

It’s a big shove.

Buonanno asks for a count and it’s 833,000. He thinks for a while, and eventually asks Lakhov if he will show him his cards. Lakhov calls for the clock immediately. The TD is called but decides to give Buonanno more time. Lakhov said he called the clock because Buonanno asked to see his cards.

Eventually, Buonanno folds pocket tens and Lakhov just drags in his chips.

Lakhov ~ 1,100,000
Buonanno ~ 1,200,000

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