Lana O'Brien Doubles Thru Allen Kessler

Sep 16, 2014

Lana O’Brien moves all-in from early position for her last 5,700 and Allen Kessler calls on the button. O’Brien turns over [8s10s] and she is in bad shape against Kessler’s [Ac10h].

The [QcJs3s] flop gives O’Brien a flush draw, but she doesn’t get much help with the [Jc] on the turn. 

The river brings the [8c], pairing up O’Brien to give her a lucky double up.

"Typical for me," Kessler mutters.

Another player at the table starts to give O’Brien a jokingly tough time about the hand.

"Give me all the needles you want," O’Brien says with a smile. "As long as I’m here, I’ll take all the needles you give me."

Lana O’Brien – 11,500
Allen Kessler – 33,500 

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