Larry Greenberg Takes a Pot on the River to Reach 96,000

Oct 19, 2022

Larry Greenberg
Photo:  WPT Champions Club Larry Greenberg

In the last hand before the break, after a flop of Diamond 6Diamond 5Spade 2, Joey Weissman bets 2,300 from the big blind. The UTG+1 player folds, Larry Greenberg calls from the hijack, and Farah Galfond calls from the cutoff.

The turn card is the Diamond A, Weissman checks, and Greenberg bets 7,000. Galfond folds, and Weissman check-raises to 18,000. Greenberg thinks for a while before he calls.

The river card is the Diamond 9, putting four diamonds on the board. Weissman checks, Greenberg bets 17,000, and Weissman tanks for a while before he folds. Greenberg takes the pot.

Larry Greenberg  –  96,000  (96 bb)
Farah Galfond  –  101,000  (101 bb)
Joey Weissman  –  30,000  (30 bb)

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