Larry Wright Makes Big Fold? David Sands Climbing

May 20, 2018

David Doc Sands

Larry Wright min-raises in the hijack to 1,000 and Antoine Saout calls next to act. David Sands (pictured) calls on the button, as does Ryan Laplante in the small blind, and Ralph Perry in the big blind.

The flop lands Club 6Diamond AClub 9 and Wright continues for 2,200 after both blinds check to him. Saout calls, as does Sands, before Laplante and Perry both fold.

The turn falls the Heart 7 and after a Wright check, Saout bets 6,200. Sands calls, and with the action back on Wright, he eyes Saout’s stack before check-raising to 15,500.

Saout folds, but Sands calls as the river lands the Club 2 and Wright checks. Sands announces he is all in for roughly 35,000, and Wright now goes deep into the tank contemplating a decision for his remaining 14,550 in chips.

Several minutes elapse before Wright starts discussing his thoughts out aloud.

“I’m going to feel real stupid folding top set here!” announces Wright before he casually mucks his hand.

“Please don’t show me Doc! Don’t make me feel stupid.” Wright adds as Sands is pushed the pot.

David Sands – 84,825
Larry Wright – 14,550
Antoine Saout – 7,275

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