Last Card Doubles Chris Laieta

Feb 28, 2016

Chris Laieta
The early trend throughout the first level of Day 2 has been double ups and after coming back for this restart below the chip average, Chris Laieta just moved over 300,000 after scoring one of his own. That hand was picked up on a board of Heart JSpade 10Spade 8 and after a leveling war between Laieta, who was in middle position, and Mark Hnatov, who was playing over 600,000 from the blinds, the chips got in.

Laieta held Spade JSpade 5 and his 170,000 chip stack was at risk, as he needed to hit to stay alive against Hnatov’s Spade AClub J. The Heart Q fell on the turn, changing nothing but the Spade Q completed the board and Laieta’s flush.

Hnatov could only shake his head, as a decent portion of his stack was heading across the table. When the dust settled, Laieta, who is a Parx regular, was stacking up just over 350,000, putting himself in a good position heading towards the midway point of Level 17.

Chris Laieta – 355,000
Mark Hnatov – 420,000

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