WPT 500 Day 1D

Adam Latimer told us how, in a few hands, he has built up a great stack as we start Level 4 here at Dusk til Dawn for the WPT500 Nottingham.  

One of four players to call the raise to 525 pre-flop by Alan Taddei, he sees the dealer fan [Js7s5h] . Taddei continues for 1,100, one player calls but Adam raises to 3,600, called only by Taddei. On the turn of [2k], Taddei bets 4,000, Adam raises him to 11,000 and Taddei shoves. A very quick call from Latimer… 

Adam: [7h5h] 
Alan: [KsKc] 

The river of [Tc] is no help to Taddei, who busts. Latimer moves on to his next hand for us. 

"I had queens, the other guy has pocket nines, he check-raises me on a 6-6-7 flop, from 1,200 to 3,600 and I call. I check-call turn bets of 4k and river 7k even though it comes [5d] turn and [3c] river. I can’t put him on a four at all, so I stacked him too." 

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