Layne Flack Eliminated By Chris Moorman

Aug 23, 2014

Chris Moorman has 925 committed from the hijack and is facing a reraise from Layne Flack on the button to 2,175. After about 45 seconds Moorman reraises to 5,025 and Flack calls.

The flop falls [KdQc5s] and Moorman checks to Flack who bets 6,100. Moorman calls, the [9c] turn follows and both players check. The [10c] river completes the board and Moorman checks to Flack again who shoves for 15,050. Moorman goes into the tank for about two minutes before he drops in calling chips.

Flack taps the table and shows [8s8c] for a pair of eights, while Moorman turns over [AhAd] for a pair of aces to eliminate Flack.

Chris Moorman – 57,000
Layne Flack – Eliminated

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