Layne Flack vs. Jordan Cristos

Aug 24, 2014

Jesse Martin raises to 1,300 from early position. Layne Flack calls from the cutoff, Nam Le calls from the small blind and Jordan Cristos three-bets to 4,800 from the big blind. Only Flack calls to see the [Kc4s2d] flop.

Cristos checks to Flack who vets 5,900. Cristos calls, the [8c] lands on the turn, both check and the [4c] river completes the board. Cristos bets 2,800 and Flack quickly calls.

Cristos turns over [KhKs] for kings full of fours, Flack mucks and Cristos collects the pot.

Jordan Cristos – 94,000
Layne Flack – 14,000

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