Lee Hammond Four-Bet Shoves Against Kristen Foxen

May 16, 2022

Lee Hammond
Photo:  Lee Hammond

Lee Hammond raises from the cutoff to 60,000, Kristen Foxen reraises from the button to 180,000, and Hammond moves all in for 1,455,000.

Foxen waits for an exact count and uses one of her Time Chips to tank for nearly a minute.

Foxen says, “I don’t know if I want to flip for a pot this big,” and then she folds.

Hammond shows Heart AClub A as he takes the pot, and Foxen laughs and says, “I was not flipping.”

Lee Hammond  –  1,710,000  (57 bb)
Kristen Foxen  –  1,600,000  (53 bb)

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