Lemke Finds Aces To More Than Double

Feb 26, 2016


With a deep WPTDS Big Stax XV 1500 structure, it’s likely going to take some big hands or big draws running into each other for massive pots to play out. Table 54 just saw that happen, as Brian Lemke and two other players got all the chips in pre flop, with Lemke holding the blades. 

Action was picked up with the cards on their back, with Lemke holding Club ASpade A and his two opponents holding Club KDiamond K and Diamond 9Heart 9. The player with pocket kings had Lemke slightly covered so even though he had his opponent drawing to just two outs, he was technically at risk.

Those two outs never came, for either player, as the Club QDiamond 7Club 4Club 7Diamond 4 board fell clean for the pocket aces. The dealer cut down Lemke’s stack and it weighted in at just over 91,000, meaning that when the dust settled, he was playing just over 280,000. That’s likely good for a close to chip leading stack, as this field moves toward the midway point of Level 11.

The player with pocket nines hit the rail and the player with pocket kings was left with just a few thousand chips.

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