Leon Sturm vs. Mike Eskandari

Jul 16, 2022

Mike Eskandari raises UTG+1 to 65,000, Leon Sturm reraises from the cutoff to 190,000, and Eskandari calls.

The flop comes Spade 6Heart 6Diamond 3, Eskandari checks, Sturm bets 65,000, and Eskandari check-raises to 250,000. Sturm calls.

The turn card is the Heart 7, Eskandari bets 475,000, and Sturm calls.

The river card double-pairs the board with the Spade 7, Eskandari bets 500,000, and Sturm uses one of his Time Chips to tank for nearly a minute before he calls. Eskandari shows Diamond 5Club 5, and his pair was counterfeited by the higher two pair on the board. Sturm turns over Diamond AClub K to win the pot with the two pair on the board, sevens and sixes, with his ace kicker.

Leon Sturm  –  4,200,000  (140 bb)
Mike Eskandari  –  1,650,000  (55 bb)

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