Leon Sturm Leads the Final Seven Players; Robert Mizrachi Second in Chips

Jul 17, 2022

Leon Sturm
Photo:  Chipleader Leon Sturm

Day 3 came to an end with seven players remaining, and they will return tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:00 noon PDT to play down to a WPT champion.

Here are the official chip counts:

Seat 1.  Yulian Bogdanov  –  6,000,000  (40 bb)
Seat 2.  Leon Sturm  –  19,650,000  (131 bb)
Seat 3.  Javier Zarco  –  4,725,000  (32 bb)
Seat 4.  Raul Manzanares  –  1,275,000  (9 bb)
Seat 5.  Mike Vanier  –  9,500,000  (63 bb)
Seat 6.  Arian Stolt  –  5,600,000  (37 bb)
Seat 7.  Robert Mizrachi  –  12,350,000  (82 bb)

And here are the remaining payouts at stake:

1st:  $894,100*
2nd:  $595,000
3rd:  $440,000
4th:  $327,000
5th:  $247,000
6th:  $188,000
7th:  $145,000

Day 4 begins tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:00 noon PDT, so return to WPT.com for our final day of coverage from WPT Venetian Las Vegas.

Robert Mizrachi
Photo:  Robert Mizrachi is second in chips, and by far the most accomplished player at the table, with more than $7.9 million in career earnings, and four WSOP bracelets. If he survives one more elimination, this will be his fourth WPT final table; will he finally add his name to the Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup?

* First-place amount includes the winner’s $10,400 seat into the season-ending WPT Championship.

Photography by Joe Giron / PokerPhotoArchive.com

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