Leon Zeaiter Sticks Around

Jan 10, 2020

In the last hand of Level 10, Rasmus Larsen opens the action, betting 2,200 in middle position. He gets two calls behind, including one from Leon Zeaiter on the cutoff, before Tomasz Gluszko squeezes to 11,000.

Everyone bar Zeaiter folds and the duo head to the flop. It comes Heart QSpade 7Heart K and Zeaiter continues for 6,700, which Gluszko calls.

The Spade 3 turn sees a 16,500 barrel, which Gluzko peels again.

The Diamond 8 completes the board and Zeaiter counts out his remaining chips. As he is doing so, Gluszko holds a chip by the line, almost daring Zeaiter to bet again. Zeaiter checks and Gluzko quickly follows suit, turning over Spade KSpade 9, which beats Zeaiter’s Club 8Spade 5.

“You’d have called the rest, wouldn’t you?” Zeiter asked Gluszko, to which he replied: “Yes.”

Leon Zeaiter – 175,000
Tomasz Gluszko – 43,000

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