Leskowitz Bluffing with the Best Hand

Feb 28, 2016

Kevin Grabel raises to 54,000 from early position and it folds to Bryan Leskowitz in the big blind who calls. They go heads up to a flop of Diamond QClub 3Heart 10. Leskowitz checks, Grabel throws out a bet of 50,000 and Leskowitz calls. The turn brings the Heart 2 and Leskowitz check calls a bet of 90,000.

The Diamond A completes the board and Leskowitz checks for a third time. Grabel bets 105,000 and Leskowitz check raises all in for 364,000. Grabel thinks it over while he looks at Leskowitz and eventually calls. “I was bluffing, you’re probably good” Leskowitz says as he shows his Spade QHeart J. “You’re good” Grabel replies and Leskowitz rakes in the pot and earns the double up.

Bryan Leskowitz- 1,350,000

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