Let Me Tell You About My Bad Beat

Sep 7, 2014

“Let me tell you about my bad beat.” Jacques Torbey asks.

“You don’t have bad beats Jacques.” We reply.

Here it is.

Torbey defends the small blind against a Berhard Gulzow open with [9x] [8x]. The flop is appealing to Torbey – [9c] [9d] [6c] – and he fires out a decent sized bet, which Gulzow calls. The turn is the [3h]; Torbey fires again, Gulzow calls again. The final card is the [7s], Torbey checks, Gulzow bets 32,000, Torbey moves all-in and Gulzow calls with pocket sevens for the boat.

Gulzow ~ 165,000
Torbey ~ 77,000

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