Level 33 Begins

Feb 14, 2017

Level 32 comes to an end, and Level 33 begins with increased blinds of 00000. Play continues without a break.

With two players remaining from a field of 380, the average chip stack is about 5.7 million (29 big blinds). The payouts for this WPT Final Table are listed below, while the full list of payouts and money finishers can be found on our Payouts page. For consistency among WPT events worldwide, the Payouts page is in US dollars.

1st:  CAD $261,000*  (US $200,769*)
2nd:  CAD $169,270  (US $130,208)

3rd:  Eric Afriat  –  CAD $108,690  (US $83,608)
4th:  Tam Ho  –  CAD $71,670  (US $55,131)
5th:  Mekhail Mekhail  –  CAD $55,200  (US $42,462)
6th:  Jean-Pascal Savard  –  CAD $45,690  (US $35,146)

* First-prize amount includes a US $15,000 entry into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.

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