Levitan Sets Up Volpe

Feb 27, 2016

Adam Levitan raises to 5,000 from under the gun and Paul Volpe calls. The action folds around to the big blind and he moves all in for 12,400. Levitan three bets to 25,000 and Volpe four bet shoves all in for his last 102,100. Levitan makes the call and the hands are revealed.

Levitan: Heart 10Diamond 10
Volpe: Club AHeart Q
Big Blind: Diamond ADiamond 3

The dealer spreads the flop and there is an Heart A in the window but it’s followed by a Heart J and a Spade 10. Volpe has flopped top pair and a gutshot straight draw but he will need to improve against the set of Levitan. The turn brings the Spade J and Levitan turns a full house. Volpe will need the case ace on the river to win the pot but that is not the case when the Diamond K completes the board. Levitan scoops the pot and scores the double elimination.

Adam Levitan- 260,000

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