Livonas Eirimas certainly knows how to run a stack up as well as lose it! The lively Liv went into Day 2 of he £125 Warm Up here at DTD with a gargantuan 600k stack. However, he made light work of losing all of it, and was soon into the WPT-500.  He’s not doing too bad in it, either, after winning an entertaining pot. 

On a board of [9s2dKsQhQc] he snap-calls the all-in of his opponent, Kenny Badachha, who shoves over the top of Liv’s raise after a third player had called the original bet. That player folds and declaresAce-King as the hads are turned over: 

Kenny: [As8s] 
Livonas [QsJs] 

Livonas’ trips on the river are enough to win an 85k pot, but Kenny explained his play. 

"I still have plenty left (he does, over 100k) and I thought it was a good spot to push both players off the pot." 

It was, he just got unlucky that Eirimas could hardly every fold there. 

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