Loc Tran vs. Joe Nguyen

May 20, 2018

Three players contribute 17,500 to a pot preflop after a series of bets and raises, and the first three cards are dealt Spade 4Club 3Diamond 3. Joe Nguyen then opens the action with a bet of 16,000 from the small blind. Loc Tran calls UTG+1, and Hua Van folds on the cutoff.

The turn falls Heart 4, Nguyen moves all in, and Tran tanks before calling all in for 52,000. The two players then flip over their cards.

Tran: Heart JDiamond J
Nguyen: Heart 6Diamond 6

River: Spade J

Tran more than doubles up to survive with 196,500, and Nguyen holds 75,000 after the hand.

Loc Tran – 196,500 (65 bb)
Joe Nguyen – 75,000 (25 bb)

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